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Time of Day routing Call Manager 4.1

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Is it possible to use the Time of day routing in Call Manager to route to another internal extension. For example, I have a branch that wants to close only on Saturday and any call that comes in on that day between the hours of x and x should route to the closest branch. Can I do this with Time of day routing on CCM?



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jason-calbert_2 Tue, 04/24/2007 - 13:24
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You can do this with time of day routing.

Let's say the first branch has 4000 as it's main number and that 4000 is in a partition called Closed on Saturday. I would put Closed on Saturday PSS on a time schedule.

I would then create a cti route point in a different partition lets call this partition routed to nearest branch. I would add 4000 to this CTI route point and forward this to branch B's main number.

Then in the appropriate CSS I would have the partitions listed this way


Closed on Saturday's

Routed to nearest branch

Since both the numbers are the same closed on Saturday's 4000 would always be used accept on saturdays when the schedule makes it inactive. This would cause the CTI route point to be used which is forwarded to what ever branch you would like.


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Hmm let me ask this to make sure I understand. Since Closed on Sat partition is on a time schedule this partition will be unavialble during the hours of x and x the CSS will use the next partion in line which is a CTI RP 4000 fowarding to the number to the other branch? Does it matter that the main number is a shared line (a DN) that rings 5 counter phones? When they leave on Friday night they foward the phone to VM. How will that be effected on Sat and Sun?



jason-calbert_2 Wed, 04/25/2007 - 10:07
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No it does not matter that the DN 4000 is shared between 5 phones. The way time of day routing works is that the DN 4000 is in closed on Saturday partition. This partition goes away for the time that you scheduled it. This means that DN 4000 goes away because it is in that partition. This is why we create the CTI Route Point and add 4000 to it. We then forward the CTI Route Point to nearest branches DN.

Also a bit confused why are they forwarding there phones to VM when you want that number to be forwarding to the nearest branch.

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some other quesitons if you dont mind. Will I need to add the new Partitions to all other CSS in the company so users can still call that branch/DN?

Well the VM is for after hours Baisic Unity IVR support. So when sunday rolls around I am hopeing that since calls will no longer be fowarded to the other branch they will go to VM since she fowarded the number on friady night before she left.

jason-calbert_2 Wed, 04/25/2007 - 10:18
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Are you wanting internal calls to be able to call 4000 and external calls to get routed to the nearst branch? If so this will take a bit of configuration but it is possible to do.

I see why you forward to VM this will work fine.

Na, I am wanting all calls, internal or external, destined for that branch to go to the nearst branch on sat. The entire companys voip environment is line internal partition on the lines of every phones. So inorder make sure they can call out to other internal users I guess I need to structure the CSS like this right?


Partition Closed on Sat <- time sch.

Partition Route to closest Branch <-no sch.

Partition Line Internal <-no sch.

jason-calbert_2 Wed, 04/25/2007 - 10:37
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That would work. Just remember that you will have to add the partition closed on SAT and route to closest branch to other CSS as needed.

Let me know if you need help

Rob Huffman Thu, 04/26/2007 - 04:51
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Hi Jason,

I thought that this was an excellent thread with really good answers from you. Very deserving of my 5 points!


Wow this is some good stuff. Using both of your advice I came up with the following. This appears to be a better way to do it. Tell me if you see any problems with this?



So I cam up with the following and tell me if you see any problems with this.

1. Create a time period 00:00 ? 24:00 on day Saturday called 1409_Reroute

2. Create a time schedule called 1409_Reroute

3. Create 1 partition, 1409_Sat_Reroute

4. Assign time period to partition

5. Create a CSS for the gateway GWY_1409_internal

6. Create translation pattern to translate 3121 3131 (translating 1409s main number to 1410s main number) and assign that to 1409_Sat_Reroute paritition.

7. Assign partitions in this order to the CSS for the gateway




Now since the partition for 1409_Sat_Reroute is only going to be active for the time period specificed. During those hours all calls should be translated to another number and sent to the correct branch on Saturday. Any other time the gateway should use the line_internal partition which is every phone in the company and calls should route like normal. This way the internal branches can still call each other its just the external customers that get translated and rerouted to the other branch right? Does this logic look correct?


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