Blocking my clients from connecting to neighbors AP's

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Apr 26th, 2007

In my unified wireless network i have WCS, WLC 4402 and 6 LWAP, we have neighbore company, and some of our employess try to connect to their AP's, is there any way to block my employess using WLC and WCS from establishing a connection to the neighbores AP's

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scottmac Sat, 04/28/2007 - 07:01

Unfortunately, we're taliking radio here; if the resources are available, there's no way to control who the clients can connect to (unless you have absolute control over the clients).

You can (usually) set the client software to "prefer" specific APs ... but if the user can change the parameters, they can point the client to another AP.

You can do a survey (something like NetStumbler -, find out who they are connecting to / poaching the signal from, and talk to them about enhancing their security.

As in security, the absolute minimum foundation is a POLICY, on paper, acknowledged by the employee and strictly enforced ... by termination, if necessary.

The policy would be along the lines of "Anyone found to be connecting to networks other than this company's will be immediately terminated." The grounds for the policy, aside from just comon sense security of your company's assets / Intellectual property, is the potential liability of the other company (the one whose signal is being poached) finding out and charging / sueing / fileing a complaint with someone official that you are stealing their resources, or waging some sort of industrial espionage against them (not likely, of course, but still bad PR).

Prevention will have to take the form of monitoring the client traffic, locating violations of policies, and enforcing those policies.

Good Luck



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