Unity 3.16 to Unity 4.0(5) license issue.

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Apr 27th, 2007

Hi all,

I am gonna upgrade Unity3.1(6) to 4.0(5) on the same server.

the upgrading plan will be fresh installation.(reinstall OS,SQL, Unity3.1(6),

recover data etc.)

Now I am concerned about the Unity 3.1(6) license as it contains a system key on the server(a USB device)

My question is,

when I resintall OS... and Unity 3.1(6), what will happen to the license? will it expire?

Thank for your reply,


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Rob Huffman Fri, 04/27/2007 - 09:05

Hi Howard,

Hope all is well with you. I am curious about this ....... did you mean building on a new server?? Anyways, the 3.1 License key(Dongle) should be fine in either case but you will need to acquire a License file for 4.x Have a look;

Replacing a Cisco Unity Server Without Failover

**Cisco Unity 4.x licenses are associated with the MAC address on the network interface card (NIC). Get updated license files that reference the MAC address of the NIC in the new server.

Note that if the existing Cisco Unity server is running version 3.1(x) and if the replacement server does not have a port for the system key, you must upgrade to the currently shipping 4.x version before you replace the existing server. Cisco Unity 4.x does not require a hardware key, so the availability of a port for the key is not an issue.

From this good Unity doc;


Moving the System Key When Replacing a Cisco Unity 2.x or 3.x Server

To Move the System Key When Replacing a Cisco Unity 2.x or 3.x Server


Step 1 Remove the system key from the old server.

Step 2 Attach the system key to the new server.


Verifying the Enabled Features

You can verify the features that are enabled on a Cisco Unity 3.x system key.

To Verify the Enabled Features on a Cisco Unity 3.x System Key


Step 1 On the primary Cisco Unity server, on the Windows Start menu, click Programs > Cisco Unity > Key Dump.

Step 2 In the Features section, confirm that the check boxes for the features you want are checked.

From this licensing doc;


Replacing the System Key with License Files When Upgrading from Cisco Unity 2.x or 3.x to Cisco Unity 4.0(x)


Hope this helps!



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