Ring multiple extensions from an incoming call

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Apr 27th, 2007

We would like to ring more than 1 extension when a call is recieved. Call comes in a to call handler, button 5 is hit. We would like to ring extensions 1111 and 2222? What is the simplest way to handle this? Can CCM do it? Do you need to use call center or something else?

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Rob Huffman Sun, 04/29/2007 - 07:22

Hi Ron,

I just wanted to add a note to Ryans good info. If you set up a new DN as a Hunt Pilot, for example 3333. Then configure a new Hunt List and Route List (containing 1111 and 2222) and use the Broadcast Hunt Algorithm. In the Call Handler set Press 5 to go to 3333 which in turn will ring 1111 and 2222 simultaineously.

Hunt Pilot Configuration

A hunt pilot comprises a string of digits (an address) and a set of associated digit manipulations that route calls to a hunt list. Hunt pilots provide flexibility in network design. They work in conjunction with route filters and hunt lists to direct calls to specific devices and to include, exclude, or modify specific digit patterns.

From this doc;


Hunt List Configuration

A Hunt List lists a set of Line groups in a specific order. A hunt list then associates with one or more hunt pilots and determines the order in which those line groups are accessed. The order controls the progress of the search for available directory numbers for incoming calls.

A hunt list comprises a collection of directory numbers as defined by line groups. After Cisco CallManager determines a call that is to be routed through a defined hunt list, Cisco CallManager finds the first available device on the basis of the order of the line group(s) that a hunt list defines.

From this doc;


Line Group Configuration

A line group allows you to designate the order in which directory numbers are chosen. Cisco CallManager distributes a call to idle or available members of a line group based on a call distribution algorithm and on the Ring No Answer Reversion (RNAR) setting.

Distribution Algorithm

Choose a distribution algorithm, which applies at the line-group level, from the options in the drop-down list box:

Broadcast - If you choose this distribution algorithm, Cisco CallManager distributes a call to all idle or available members of a line group simultaneously.


Hope this helps!


rpieronek Mon, 04/30/2007 - 05:54


I appreciate your time you spent typing this up, as well as you knowledge on the subject.


rpieronek Mon, 04/30/2007 - 07:12


I appoligize for bothering you again. On the installation I'm working on, it does not to appear to have a naming convention for the various objects - "please don't read anything tricky into the use of objects" that are user defined in the system. Do you know of any naming convension for CCM that includes the various objects, such as hunt pilot, hunt list, line list?

Rob Huffman Mon, 04/30/2007 - 09:01

Hi Ron,

Not a bother at all :) I have never seen actual Naming Conventions for these items. Anything that I have seen indicates to use something (very loose reccommendation) like the following (EXAMPLE: for Help Desk Group);

Hunt Pilot = HelpDeskHP

Hunt List = HelpDeskHL

Line Group = HelpDeskLG

Hope this helps!


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