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Apr 29th, 2007


can anyone tell me what would be the opposite command in pix FW if i want to do the same in router

pix command

static (outside,inside) netmask 0 0

static (inside,outside) netmask 0 0

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mahmoodmkl Sun, 04/29/2007 - 03:45


First u r statement in pix is wrong.

it should be.

static (inside,outside) (gobal ip) (local ip) netmask

The second statement is ok.

what exactly u r trying to accomplish.if u want the inside host to use the same ip address while going outside then u can use the below syntax.orelse give us more details.

ip nat inside source static



zulqurnain Sun, 04/29/2007 - 04:03

hello mahmood.

all i want to do is this..

i want to nat the source address of the packet coming into the router

then i want to creat a one-to-one mapping with the new source natted ip address.


source =

when the destination will reply back to the packet should again nat back to

hope its clear enough.

rais Sun, 04/29/2007 - 03:46

Opposite will be the command preceded with a 'no'.

If you looking for a router command use:

ip nat outside source static

ip nat inside source static



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