SRST registration time issue with 7970 phones and 4.2(3) CCM

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Apr 30th, 2007

I have 3 CCM Servers + 1 2811 SRST router. CCM servers are over the WAN site on another location. Remote site has a 2811 SRST router. We did a SRST test by cutting the WAN link and we noticed the time it took for the 7970 phones to register to the SRST router is 7 mins. We have 7960 phones also and those phones took about 1.5 min to register.

The 7970 phone load is 8-2-1. CCM version is 4.1(3)es92. I have tried to upgrade to 8-2-2 and it did not help.

I have tried to set this up on my lab with 2 active CCM running 4.2(3a) and a phantom(fake) CCM manager that does not exist. So in my CCM group I have 2 real CCM servers, 1 fake CCM server and I 2811 SRST router for fall back.

I shut down all the ports on the switch where the CCM server are connected stimulating an outage and I have a 7970 phones running phone load 8-2-1 and I took a network trace and it took 7 mins before it starts to register with the router. I then took away the 3rd CCM server and the registration went very much faster.

Does anyone seen this issue before? Phone loads 8-2-1 with 3 CCM servers + 1 SRST router, the time it took for a 7970 phone takes 7 mins??

I have this problem too.
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b.hsu Fri, 05/04/2007 - 14:17

IP phones will failover from their primary CallManager if they loose communication for 3 SCCP keepalives, about 1minute, 30 seconds. Try upgrading the phone load

John Tan Mon, 05/07/2007 - 05:43

8-2-1 load for 7970 phones takes 7 mins

8-2-2 load for 7970 phones takes 7 mins

8-0-4 load takes 3 mins but there is no DST fix in it

the new phone load 8-2-1 and above takes 4 x TCP keepalives 90 secs each so total 6 mins..

I think it is a BUG that needs to be fixed.


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