Checkpoint vpn trough cisco 877

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May 1st, 2007

Hi all,

I have a ADSL Line/Modem, connected to a PC, and gives me a good internet connection.

I have installed in my PC a vpn software, "CheckPoint Secure Client", that i use to connect to the establish a vpn tunnel to my company checkpoint Firewall, giving me Job Resources.

Now i bought a ADSL Router, Cisco 877, wich have 4 Switch port's more.

I configured the router to various LAN users access the internet, with NAT overload (PAT), wich works fine.

When i tried to connect to my work with vpn software, i couln't establish the connection, saying that i could not connect to the VPN Gateway.

I perform a ping to the public ip, that i use to establish the connection, and the CheckPoint guy, says that im reaching the site.

I dont know what is wrong, since if i change it all to the first solution, PC - ADSL - Internet - CheckPoint, the connection is established.

This is the scenario i perform, and the attached the router configuration.

[PC 1] ----- [Cisco877] ----- [Internet] ----- [CheckPoint FW]

[PC 2] ----------|

The Router, should not perform any kind of vpn issues, rigth ?

its only a hub in the tunnel?, or should i config something more?

What kind of debug should i perform ?

Best Regards,


I have this problem too.
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