jrakar Wed, 05/02/2007 - 03:56

Yes the test objectives would be great. I will be taking the MARS class in Aug from Global Knowledge. Is that the class that you took? How was it? Worth the money and time?I have just got the box running and will be working on it soon. In the IPS class as we speak.

srue Wed, 05/02/2007 - 04:12

I had already worked with MARS for a few months, by the time i took the class, so to be honest, there wasn't too much I took from it. The way I see it, me taking that class helps my employers sleep better at night - for what that's worth. My company had some Cisco learning credits we used for it. I took it at Skyline-ATS in chicago, but it will be the same class as I took most likely. it will include two of the cisco official curriculum books that you will go through inside of two days. It also includes a few labs.

good luck in your IPS class. I used the cisco press cert. exam guide for that exam.


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