Cisco 7507 IOS upgrade

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May 1st, 2007
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I have a Cisco 7507 chassis with two RSP4+ processors, equipped with 1 VIP4-50. The 7507 is running 12.3(15)feature set IP PLUS IPSEC 3DES. I want to upgrade to 12.3(18) with the same feature set. The new image has been already installed on disk0 on both master and slave processors.

What is the correct precedure for IOS upgrade? Do I have to upgrade slave processor firstly? Do I have to change also rsp-boot image on both master and slave bootflash (now I have 12.3(3) RSP boot image)?



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mohammedmahmoud Wed, 05/02/2007 - 00:08
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Just add the new boot statement for the new IOS and save your configuration and it shall be copied from the master to the salve:


Building configuration...


Copying config from Master to Slave...

NOTE: Make sure that the IOS is on both disk0: of both RSPs.

HTH, please rate if it does help,

Mohammed Mahmoud.

s-durando Thu, 05/03/2007 - 06:18
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I installed 12.3(18) on both RSPs.

Now I have rsp-ik9sv-mz.123-18.bin image on both disk0: and slavedisk0: and rsp-boot-mz.123-3.bin boot image on both bootflash: and slavebootflash:

I switched off the router, removed the RSP in slot 2 and switched on the router but the RSP in slot 3 came on in ROMMON mode. I cannot understand why this happened. Could you help me please?



mohammedmahmoud Thu, 05/03/2007 - 06:35
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Hi Stefano,

Please make sure that you've added the boot statements:

boot system flash disk0:rsp-ik9sv-mz.123-18.bin

boot bootldr bootflash:rsp-boot-mz.123-3.bin

and that you have your config-register set to 0x2102.

And to be more sure issue this command;

slave sync config

HTH, please rate if it does help,

Mohammed Mahmous.

s-durando Thu, 05/03/2007 - 06:51
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is ot necessary to issue 'boot bootldr bootflash:rsp-boot-mz.123-3.bin

' command if I have only this boot image in bootflash?



eofelt Thu, 05/03/2007 - 07:26
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Hi Stephano,

Did the RP go into ROMmon because of config-reg' mis-match?

After changes, did you wr mem etc?

After the RP's sync is shouldn't be an issue.

"slave auto-sync config" should be on default.

It might be a good idea to double check.

An example:

Router(config)# slave auto-sync config

Router(config)# end

Router# copy system:running-config nvram:startup-config


s-durando Thu, 05/03/2007 - 07:46
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Thank you for your help. I checked the syncronization and it is OK. If I issue the command 'show bootvar' this is the output:

7507-CED-BAGGIOVARA#sh bootv

BOOT variable = disk0:rsp-ik9sv-mz.123-18.bin,1;

CONFIG_FILE variable does not exist

BOOTLDR variable does not exist

Configuration register is 0x2102

Slave auto-sync config mode is on

Current slave is in slot 3.

slave BOOT variable = disk0:rsp-ik9sv-mz.123-18.bin,1;

slave CONFIG_FILE variable =

slave BOOTLDR variable =

slave Configuration register is 0x2102 (will be 0x100 at next reload)

Why slave configuration register will be 0x100 at next reload?



mohammedmahmoud Thu, 05/03/2007 - 10:26
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I guess thats why your slave boots in rommon:

If the last digit of the boot field is 0 (for example, 0x100), the system does not boot an IOS image and waits for user intervention at the ROM Monitor prompt. From ROM monitor mode, you can manually boot the system using the boot or b command.

You must change the value of the config-reg of your slave, or every time it will enter rommon and what for a boot command to manually boot the IOS.

HTH, please rate if it does help,

Mohammed Mahmoud.


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