Question regarding phone template on the bat tool.

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May 2nd, 2007

I am running callmanager 4.2(3) with teh bat tool 5.1(4) I wanted to update the phone template specially the field AAR settings under the line field. If i update it will it automatically update all the phones associated with this phone template?

I have this problem too.
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rob.huffman Wed, 05/02/2007 - 06:51

Hi George,

Here is how to update the AAR setting on a Group of phones using BAT (See Updating Phones) Changing the Original Template will not update the phones once they have been inserted into the database;

Choosing the Update Parameters

After you have defined the query or custom file to search for phones, use this procedure to choose parameters and define values for updating phones.



Step 1 In the Update Phones window, click Next. The Update Phones (Step 2 of 2) window displays and shows the type of query that you chose. If you want to change the type of query, click Back.

Step 2 Specify the setting that you want to update for all the records that you have defined in your query or custom file. You can choose multiple parameters to update. See the "Field Descriptions for Updating Phones" section for descriptions of parameters.

Step 3 In the Value field for the checked parameter, enter the new value or choose a value from the list box.

Step 4 In the Reset/Restart Phones area, check one of the following choices:

Don't Reset/Restart devices To reset/restart devices at a later time.

Reset devices To reset (power-cycle) the phones

Restart devices To reset phones without power-cycling

Step 5 To apply the updates to the records, click Update.

A message displays that tells you the approximate time required to update the records in the Cisco Unified CallManager database. You can cancel if the transaction might cause performance degradation.

Step 6 To update the phones, click OK or to cancel the transaction, click Cancel.

If you clicked OK, a Transaction Status window displays. To see the transaction in progress, click the Show Latest Status button .


Note If any line information for a phone record fails, BAT does not update that phone record.


Step 7 When the transaction completes, click View Latest Log File to see a log file that shows the number of records that were changed and the number of records that failed, including an error code.

From this doc;

Field Descriptions for Updating Phones

Hope this helps!


jgittins1 Wed, 05/02/2007 - 09:47

What if i wanted to update my phone template settings and push it out to the phones. for example under the phone template settings , under the line configuration there is a filed for the AAR voicemail. if i wanted to put a value there and replicate that to the phones will it work... i dont have a lab so i dont know how this will work

rob.huffman Wed, 05/02/2007 - 10:52

Hi George,

I see where you are coming from here and I wish that BAT worked this way but sadly it doesn't.Once a phone has been Batted in (for lack of a better description) changing the Phone Template will have no effect on it. So you can't push the modified Template to existing phones. So you could use the method I listed previously or you could use the BAT Export and then re-Import the phones using the new Phone Template with the adjusted AAR values.

Hope this helps! and makes sense.


jgittins1 Fri, 05/04/2007 - 06:29

Thanks i will try using this method.

one more thing when you run the export does it remove the phones from the database?.

rob.huffman Fri, 05/04/2007 - 06:32

Hi George,

The phones are not removed from the db at this point, but will have to be deleted before you use the BAT to re-import then with the new values.

Try it out with a test phone or two to get use to the process. It's a pretty cool feature.

Hope this helps!



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