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Is anyone using a TIMG? I can find nothing. I have a customer who has a rolm 9751 and currently has a T1 running from it to the avaya modular messaging system. They want to come over to Unified messaging. The only thing I can find is the TIMG but the supported hardware doesnt list this for the rolm only pimg. any help would be great

I have this problem too.
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eschulz Wed, 05/02/2007 - 11:20

Using the Rolm digital PIMG would be your safest and quickest route. That integration has been fully tested and documented by Cisco...


For the T1 idea, is the current system using q.sig? or is doing T1 CAS with either SMDI or in-band dtmf for caller info signalling? Either way, it should be technically possible to duplicate this setup with some T1 SIP gateway (TIMG or otherwise) in front of Unity. T1 CAS with SMDI would probably be the simplest/easiest but AFAIK the rolm does not provide native support for SMDI.

Thanks for your reply. The pimg would require digital lines coming off the rolm correct? Im looking at 800 users so 2 or more of the PIMG units and 16 to 24 lines correct?

Yes it is using qsig with the T1

So when you say T1 SIP Gateway are you talking about the TIMG? Does cisco even sell this anymore becasue It is not on the configurator tool at all. Thanks for your help. I have never done an integration using PIMG only the dialogic cards.

eschulz Wed, 05/02/2007 - 12:13

Yes, the PIMG would use multiple digital station lines from the Rolm. Again, this is the route I would recommend.

Yes, TIMG is an example of a T1 SIP gateway. Cisco IOS routers can also act as a gateway between qsig and SIP. I'm sure there are lots of others out there too but I have a slight bias toward Cisco. ;) However, there has not yet been any formal testing of Unity talking SIP directly to any qsig gateway (Cisco, Dialogic or otherwise). The closest i've seen in the field is hiding Unity behind a CCM or CME. For example, many of the qsig interop app notes for CCM and CME include results with Unity in the topology...


Unfortunately, I don't see any app notes with a Rolm.

Back to TIMG, here's Cisco's data sheet on it...


So looks like the Cisco part number is UNITY-TIMG-1. There should be a dual span TIMG available now too and I think the quad span is in the works. Cisco has tested and documented TIMG between Unity and a NEAX 2400 PBX. Other integrations are in process. However, all the focus with TIMG right now is with T1 CAS where the VM integration happens either with serial or in-band DTMF packets. Dialogic has implemented parsing of these integration packets which makes it transparent to Unity. I doubt your Rolm could provide this type of VM integration though.

eschulz Wed, 05/02/2007 - 13:03

No, I don't think the Rolm can provide a serial connection so this would not even be a possibility. But I could be wrong.

What I'm really saying is there may be a lot of theoretical possibilities but the only one that has been tested end-to-end, Rolm-to-Unity, is the digital PIMG solution. If you want to pursue T1 options, you should probably work closely with your Cisco account team to ensure you end up with a fully supported solution.

Tommer Catlin Wed, 05/02/2007 - 13:01

The code in the PIMG and TIMG are pretty much the same firmware. I was an earlier adopter of the PIMG to the 9005 Rolm and it was a bear to get going, but the should be fine to go now. Even with the TIMG, just follow the PIMG documentation and it should work.


Also, try this link out on the dialogic board.


Just check with your local Cisco SE that that TIMG is still support. Should be, Diaglogic still sells a ton of these for integration with "that other UM system from another vendor"

I used (3) PIMGs into a Rolm 9005. Basically just configured them all as digital phone ports off the PBX and into the PIMG, then to Unity. The new documentation that is posted should work. (helped update it when we did it!)

The TIMG is a cleaner install, but the problem with the TIMG and the ROLM, not sure if the T1 port on your Rolm will transfer the station information and DID all the way through. It doesnt use QSIG or support in this old switch. The PIMG with digital station ports might be your best best.




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