CSS 11501 w/SSLM - URL redirection

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May 3rd, 2007

Hi there...I currently have a working and deployed CSS 11501 w/SSLM. There is a SSL VIP configured to listen to requests for "https://new-blah.domain.com" this cert also lives on the CSS.

It works great.

Is it possible to redirect the client connections to another URL, AFTER they have been processed by the SSL engine on my CSS? We want to have the client go to the same VIP, with a slightly different URL, and be redirected to another URL.

eg) client points their browser to "https://new-blah.domain.com" and they get the site behind the CSS.

client points to "https://new-blah.domain.com/share" and we want them to be redirected to "https://old-blah.domain.com"

Sounds convoluted, but during this migration period, we want to have users continue to point their browsers to the URL they are accustomed to. Then we can cut the back end apps over at our convenience. I would like to keep the cert for "https://new-blah.domain.com" on the same CSS as it is today.

Basically we want to do a URL redirection to a site in another subnet, not behind the same CSS.

Confusing enough???

Thanks in advance


I have this problem too.
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