Looking to Upgrade after Re-Wiring

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May 3rd, 2007
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Office is needing a major Overhaul...

Currently the office is daisy chained together but we moved the Servers to a Rack and now almost all client machines have about 5 hops to the server approximately..

the closest 30 have still got 2 hops minimum.

The wiring project will bring them all to within 2 hops max if I get my way.

We are an engineering firm with Gig E all the way to the desktops. Again currently its daisy chained together with Netgear Unmanaged Switches and we're not seeing the through put that Gig Should have. Also I can't aggregate my Ports on the servers like I should be doing.


Cost Effective Solutions for IDF's and MDF

In MDF I need 24 Ports with 4 Fiber Ports (Possibly 20+4 Fiber would be acceptable, but want the switch to be stackable if the Rack Grows again)

In IDF "1" I need 96 Ports ~ 72 In Use constantly and growing every 12 months

I will also need minimum 2 Fiber ports to aggregate to the MDF over my existing 4 strand fiber link. Remember Cost Effective. If a Chassis with blade switches is better then I need to know

In IDF "2" I only need 48 Ports non-stacked with 2 Minimum Fiber ports no Aggregation needed only about 35 In use constantly.

Diagrams attached with basic info on the current layout - also another layout of my vision...

Looking for recommendations for this as well as a good add-on for wireless.

POE option might be good as well but not sure. POE can go Gigabit at 300'?!?

Also need to make sure the stacks are seen as a slngle switch and with plenty of bandwidth on the uplink stack.

Thx a million for reading this far! Hope I'm not too scattered on my vision!

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You really want to take a look at the 4500 series catalyst switches for the density you want to do. 4503 and/or 4506s are the models

Yes you could do 2960s and it would work... But in a few years your going be right back where you started.

Wireless, you would be doing overkill with a controller. Look at the 1240AGs.


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