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I am planning on upgrading my current internet connection from a single T1 to a channelized DS3. I have some questions/issues on the logistics about how that would work.

I currently have a little 2610 with a T1 card in it that I use as my edge router. I want to replace that with a 6500 with a Sup 720. The configuration I think I will need is as follows:

Catalyst 6513 Chassis

1 Sup 720

1 Enhanced FlexWAN module

1 Cisco 1 port T3 multichannel adapter

10 10/100/1000 RJ45 modules

I currently have two Cisco 5513s with RSM in them. I want to replace one of those 5513s with this 6513 and the other with a Catalyst 4506 or 4510. How would the MUX'd DS3 physically connect to the 6513. Do I even need the MC T3 card and the FlexWAN module? Any advice would be greatful.



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jasonrandolph Fri, 05/04/2007 - 15:32
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Is there a specific reason you are going with a channelized DS3, or is that just what the ISP is handing off as?

Typically when I've seen DS3's delivered, they've just be straight coax. I have seen a few times where an iMux was used to bring in multiple T1s and hand it off as either an HSSI interface or a BNC coax drop.

The type of interface that the ISP hands the circuit off to you on would determine the type of interface hardware that you would need. However I believe you will need a flexwan module either way for the WAN interface module required.

Regardless of the handoff I am not sure you would want to put the 6500 on the edge like that. The way it sounds, you're going to combine you're access layer, core/distribution layer, and your Internet router in one box? I also assume you're going to provide firewall services and content filtering there as well? That's a pretty big target at the edge of the network in addition to a big point of failure. I think it would be smarter and more cost effective to forgo the FlexWAN/T3 multichannel adapter and get yourself a 2800 or 3800 to put on the edge, then stick the 6500 behind that.

Do you mean fractional T3?


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