Not able to ping natted I.P from inside

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May 5th, 2007

we are using ASA5505 having two interfaces inside(Security level 100) outside (security level 50)

We had statically natted I.P X.X.X.X (inside ) to Y.Y.Y.Y (Public I.P).We are able to ping this public I.P from Internet ,also nat is working successfully.

we are able to ping natted I.P from ouside i.e Y.Y.Y.Y but we are not able to ping it from inside .

below is the configuration done

static (inside,outside) Y.Y.Y.Y X.X.X.X netmask



I have this problem too.
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zulqurnain Sun, 05/06/2007 - 23:20


i maybe wrong but how could you even ping this natted ip from outside to inside, whereas my understanding says that pix doesn't allow any icmp traffic espacially if coming from higher security interface to lower security interface.

zulqurnain Mon, 05/07/2007 - 04:29


you are always welcome, but if you don't mind i would really like to know how you solved it.

steve_perrone Wed, 06/27/2007 - 11:13

We are having the exact same problem.

Could you elaborate on how you solved this issue.

Thank you

acomiskey Wed, 06/27/2007 - 11:16

Steve, could you elaborate on your problem? How many interfaces are we talking about here? Give us a little more info.

For example if you have 3 interfaces and have

static (dmz,outside) netmask

You can ping from outside but not from the inside. You would need to add something like this if you wanted to do so....

static (dmz,inside) netmask

Here are a few options for 2 interfaces

1. dns doctoring

2. hairpinning

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steve_perrone Wed, 06/27/2007 - 11:24

Well, I guess I got a little trigger happy and sent off this post before reading trough all posts.

I got my answer here


acomiskey Wed, 06/27/2007 - 11:27

Could you post that link again. Was it the same solution as I posted above?


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