Intervlan routing not working across switches

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May 8th, 2007


please see the attached jpeg for a fuller description of my problem.

Basically, when I have 2 VLANs on the same switch as the router dong the inter vlan routing I can speak between vlans. However, I am trying to trunk across multiple switches and still route between 2 vlans/subnets and this is not working. Switches only speak to devices within their same subnet and not across the vlan as I need.

I am quite sure my confs are good but I just need re-assuring that what I am planning is possible.

See attached,



I have this problem too.
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Anand S Tue, 05/08/2007 - 01:55


if that is a layer 3 switch, juz enable "ip routing" then the inter-vlan routing happens.if if u say that "ip routing" is enabled & still you face same probz, then check whether ACL is blocking that. better if you could post the config.

Jon Marshall Tue, 05/08/2007 - 01:56


What you are trying to do is possible. Could i ask, if you are only allowing vlan 2 traffic across the link between the 2 cisco 2950 switches via the procurve why do you need it to be a trunk. You could just make it an access port on both ends. Only the link between the router and the switch would need to be a trunk.

Howver if you do want it to be a trunk.

From a client connected into switch 2 can you ping it's default gateway on the router.

If you can, can you ping the other subinterface address on the router ?



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