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May 8th, 2007
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When you've got a bandwidth statement,does that refer to just codec bandwidth, or does it include layer 3 & 4 overhead?

and, when a call crosses 2 zones, does the bandwidth used for a call get deducted from the source zone or hte destination zone?

Thanks, Lisa G

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H.323 Gatekeeper bandwidth is based on the stream only, no overhead, however, it allows for both streams (To/From) so you have to double it.

for g711ulaw 64k x 2 = 128k per gk call.

for g729r8 8k x 2 - 16k per gk call.

regarding the zone deduction, it will deduct from both zones, however depending on how you implement the bandwidth command (total, interzone, etc) it may or may not affect your bandwidth limitation. Be sure to read about these switches to get what you want.


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