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May 8th, 2007
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This works fine in callmanager mode (ver 4.2.3sr1) but now trying to setup MGCP fallback to SRST (ios 12.4.8 with SRST ver 3.3) for first time. Outbound calls seem fine but inbound is a problem. Here the topology:

pri----srst router

We only have less than 10 users in our office so telco sends inbound 7 digits in a range of 278-880X meaning 2788800, 2788801, 2788802 and so on until 2788809. Here's my current problem:

On inbound calls, meaning from pstn, I dial 278-8806 to our Site

- If I have "incoming called-number" plus "directed-inward-dial," I would be automated error message from telco

- If I have "incoming called-number" without "directed-inward-dial," I would get dialtone and then I need to dial 8806 to reach the phone

I HAVE NOT TRIED "connection plar" as I assume this is for a FXO and not PRI.

Also, I do not hear ringback for both outbound and inbound.

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thisisshanky Tue, 05/08/2007 - 07:27
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Since its a PRI you definitely do need

dial-peer voice pots

port 1/0/0:23


incoming called-number .

Are you using 7 digits on DNs ? If using 4 digits on DNs and telco is sending you 10 digits, then you will need to use dial-plan pattern command or translation profiles to translate from 7 to 4 and vice versa. Can you post a debug isdn q931 for an inbound call, when you get the error message from telco?

aamercado Tue, 05/08/2007 - 10:22
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Telco send 7 digits and in CM mode, I have a TP that strips it down to 4 digits as we have 4 digit dialing on all sites.

In SRST mode, I am using DP to strip to 4 digits

dialplan-pattern 1 44127888.. extension-length 4 extension-pattern 88..

It's weird as if I have DID turned on, it breaks but if I turn off DID, then it acts as if I had a FXO with a dialtone on an inbound call whereby I need to dial the 4 digit ext to reach my ip phone.


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