How do I change firmware to spanish ?

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May 10th, 2007
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I am using CISCO 7911G and 7941G versus an Asterisk Server using SIP firmware. So, I am using phones with an standar SIP PBX...

I want to change the menus of the phone to the spanish language, but I have not CallManager for this operation. Instead, I am using a normal TFTP server to provision phones...

My question is: How do I change the language for the phones ? I assume I should look for the corresponding spanish language files and point them at the TFTP server, but I have no idea of where to look for that language files... Could any one help me ?


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paolo bevilacqua Thu, 05/10/2007 - 14:01
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At the present time, SIP firmware for cisco phones does not support localization.

In reality, at boot time the phone actually looks via tftp for java archive files containing the language strings, but even if given a localization file for SCCP, does not change language. By comparison, most dictionaries strings for SIP and SCCP should be the same, but the effect is one above described.

If you want to use cisco phones in fully satisfying manner, convert to SCCP and use a cisco router a feature called CCME to control them. You can use as small as a 1751-V for that. Form experience, people using asterisk before are much happier with CCME now.

europesip Thu, 05/10/2007 - 14:18
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Problem is cost... On that case, I would have to :

a).- Use an expensive cisco router

b).- Pay for licences on each phone

On the accounts I am working on, I can not afford the prices of routers with CCME (Cisco Call Manager Express) and/or phone licences.

My plan is using Asterisk with cisco phones for business under 30 seats (mixing Asterisk and Cisco). Only on bigger accounts would use a pure cisco enviroment. Most of my customer are under 30 seats, and there is no way to go with a pure cisco installation there.

Also, I would love to use SCCP, but does not work well on Asterisk, so I would prefer to use a more standar protocol SIP, with an standar SIP PBX.

Thks for your help, I was not aware there WAS NOT localization for SIP firmwares. I am sure that CISCO should be aware that should invest more on SIP, since open installations with open and mixed enviroments would be more common and are increasing..... BTW.. Do yoo known if Cisco Plans to improve SIP images for localization ? Is that on the roadmap ?

paolo bevilacqua Thu, 05/10/2007 - 15:25
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I was checking this today. A small router with CCME can be bough used for Eur 800 including 2 x BRI ports. It will do 24 SCCP phones plus 30 SIP.

A PC with isdn board is not much less.

The phones might have been bought originally with licenses already, I think this can be a secondary concern.

I understand there are two packages to support sccp under asterisck, have you tried both ?

I don't know if Cisco will make localization for SIP phones, someone else from cisco can comment.


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