royalblues Thu, 05/10/2007 - 23:02
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There are 3 ways to setup an RP

1. manual configuration in each leaf routers

2. auto-RP

3. bootstrap router with PIM version 2 (BSR)

First method the RP is defined staticaly on each router through the use of the command

ip pim rp-address

Auto-RP is used for dynamically distribute the RP information. All routers which are candidate RP's announce themselves to the mapping agent. The mapping agent is responsible for propogating this information to all routers.

When you have multiple RP's the RP with the highest address for the group wins

BSR can be used with PIM v2. It is similar to Auto-RP

have a look at this link

HTH, rate if it does


devang_etcom Fri, 05/11/2007 - 04:58
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yes BSR its some what similar to auto AP... but Atuo-AP will elect the highest IP RP netry for various group... and advertise it... whereas BSR will advertise all AP...

Narayan few top topics in multicast is very logical right!!! need more and more reading and practice to understand...




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