Etherchannel and QoS

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May 11th, 2007
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I would like to know if it's possible to set up an Etherchannel between two Cisco 3640 routers using the NM-16ESW cards.

And also when configuring QoS, is it configured on the logical port, i.e. the Etherchannel itself, or on each of the physical ports that make up the etherchannel.

Thank you

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chris___1 Thu, 06/07/2007 - 09:06
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Thank you Ankur for your reply, the document you referred me to was very helpful, i managed to configure the etherchannel between the two 3640 routers, only i am unable to do load balancing according to the src or dest port number as seen possible where etherchannel is described. The options i have are with ip and mac addresses only, is this a limitation of the hardware or the software? The installed Cisco IOS is 12.2(8)T.

Thank you again

Amit Singh Thu, 06/07/2007 - 09:17
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Its a software limitation. You can load-balance using MAC addresses, or IP addresses; either source or destination or both source and destination. Please try using the either the source mac-address or Ip addresses and it may result in better load-balancing.


-amit singh

chris___1 Mon, 06/11/2007 - 13:07
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Thank you for your reply, yet i am still having a load balancing issue: I set up an etherchannel between my routers, I aggregated 3 ports of 10Mbps each. I am sending traffic simultaneously from two hosts on one side of the etherchannel to one host on the otherside. No matter what i try, all the traffic is sent on one port of the etherchannel, I tried all the load balancing settings possible. I know the ethrchannel works since I disconnected the working port, the traffic was immediately switched to one of the remaining two. When i use the command "show interfaces Port-channel 1" the speed of the interface is 10Mb/s (not the 30Mb/s i expected).

Thank you again for your help


chris___1 Thu, 08/30/2007 - 14:19
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Can i configure a Layer 3 etherchannel using the hardware i mentionned in my previous question (cisco 3640 and etherswitch modules)?

If not how is it possible to configure WFQ or priority queuing on an Layer 2 etherchannel?

All ports of the layer 2 etherchannel i have belong to the same vlan, can i configure WFQ or PQ on the vlan interface? Will this configuration be applied to the etherchannel?

Thank you for your reply,



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