Creating "guest" VLAN on WLC 4400, created interface not selectable

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May 11th, 2007
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Presently have an internal network WLAN (HREAP) setup and running. I'm trying to create a guest Internet-only WLAN referencing this link

Created dynamic interface "corp-26" and verified it was enabled. When I create the Internet-only WLAN... under Interface Name, only "management" appears in the drop down list; "corp-26" doesn't appear.

How do I assign "corp-26" to my Internet-only WLAN?

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scottwilliamson Thu, 05/17/2007 - 07:35
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Hi Dennis,

I noticed a similar problem when trying to assign a vlan to a wlan i.e. on one controller at least the vlan did not appear in the drop down list on the edit wlan page. I deleted both the wlan and vlan and started over and it was ok the next time - it may have been because I created the wlan first, though I don't know why this should be the case - a bug perhaps (anyone?).

Hope this is helpful,



CSCO10203269 Thu, 05/17/2007 - 07:55
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I got past that issues. On the controller interface, I deselected 'Enable Dynamic AP Mgmt.' Apparently when an interface is setup as an AP Mgmt Interface, it's no longer selectable.

My understanding is, multiple AP Mgmt interfaces are required when managing a large number of APs. We have a 4402. To support the max 50 APs, I'd need to config 2 AP Mgmt interfaces to support 25 APs each.

ericgarnel Thu, 05/17/2007 - 09:02
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Actually, multiple ports are required.

1 and 2. You want to create an ap management interface on the same subnet as you management interface and then create a separate dynamic interface for your guest wlan that corresponds with a vlan accessible over the trunks between the 4402 ports and the switch ports they connect to

CSCO10203269 Thu, 05/17/2007 - 10:11
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I've got my "AP-Manager" interface (has "Dynamic AP Management") on the same subnet as my "Management" interface.

To clarify... both interfaces can be setup to manage my dynamic "internal" and "guest" WLANs correct?

I had a working "internal" WLAN setup at one point but broke -- clients are not getting DHCP addresses -- after creating a separate dynamic interface for my guest vlan.

ericgarnel Thu, 05/17/2007 - 10:19
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The management & ap-management are for the APs themselves. You will want a seperate vlan/wlan/subnet for your guest ssids altogether.

You can provide dhcp from the controller or from a dedicated server.

if you select override for dhcp under the wlan settings, provide a dhcp server address, otherwise add the dhcp server entries under the interface settings.

What is really cool is that appears as the dhcp server (unless you changed it on the controller to something else.) It has caused some confusion at times

Juan Carlos Lon... Thu, 01/29/2009 - 06:40
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I have the same problem since yesterday :(

Nut your aswser was so usefull!!


On the controller interface, I deselected 'Enable Dynamic AP Mgmt.'

On the WLAN the virtual interface it's selectable now

Thanks a lot

fefelix Thu, 05/17/2007 - 09:48
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Make sure 'Dynamic AP Management' is not checked on the dynamic interface. A dynamic interface that supports dynamic AP management cannot be used as an interface on any WLAN. Interfaces that have dynamic AP management enabled can ONLY be dedicated dynamic AP-manager interfaces.


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