ACE - show ft track detail - don't show 'hsrp' info

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May 15th, 2007
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I tried configure FT tracking by HSRP group configured on MSFC:

ft track hsrp HSRP-01

track-hsrp hsrp-Vl26-0

priority 100

peer priority 150

and verify it:

ace-lab/Admin# sh ft track ?

<1-255> Please enter FT Group ID

detail Display FT Track detail

status Display FT Track status

summary Display FT Track summary

ace-lab/Admin# sh ft track detail

FT Group : 1

Status : in-service

Maintenance mode : MAINT_MODE_OFF


My Config Priority : 100

My Net Priority : 100

My Preempt : Enabled

Context Name : FE

Context Id : 5

...but I didn't get no information about 'hsrp'. by cisco documentation I'll get something like this:

Track type : TRACK_HSRP

HSRP Group Name : test

State: TRACK_DOWN (HSRP Group is Standby on the Supervisor)

Priority : 20

Transitions : 1

I did something wrong, or it's a bug? (I didn't find any bug with this symptoms)

ACE version: Version 3.0(0)A1(3b)


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carenas123 Mon, 05/21/2007 - 06:58
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By the following example I am demonstrating tracking configuration for an HSRP group on the active member of an FT group.

ft track hsrp TRACK_HSRP_GRP1

track-hsrp HSRP_GRP1

priority 50

In the above configuration example, if the HSRP_GRP1 group goes down, the ACE reduces the priority of the FT group on the active member by 50. If at any time the priority of the FT group on the active member falls below the priority of the FT group on the standby member, a switchover occurs.


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