Receiving multiple events/alerts in a single trap

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May 15th, 2007


DFM is configured to forward events and alerts as traps to my trap receiver, and it is forwarding ok, except...a majority of the traps received have multiple alerts/events imbedded in the trap, for example, the alarmDescription field for one trap is:

IF- [PO4/0] []:HighUtilization; IF- [PO4/0] []:HighQueueDropRate; IF- [PO4/0] []:HighDiscardRate; []:Unresponsive;

Is there a config option somewhere in DFM that will send individual traps for each alert/event received? These long (multiple) descriptions are causing problems, some are more than 255 characters and my trap receiver cannot handle it, plus, I need to process single events one at a time so that each problem can be address individually. Although it seems that all events in the string are from the same 'source', different problems exists for different ports/resources.


Correct Answer by Joe Clarke about 9 years 9 months ago

See this thread on disabling alert notifications. If you only want one event per trap, do not enable alerts in your notification group:^1@@.1dde6902/0#selected_message

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