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May 16th, 2007
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I've passed my CCDA this morning and want to now revise for the ARCH exam to complete the CCNP/CCDP bundle. I've seen some good posts here relating to self study books which I have now ordered.

Ideally I'd love to also revise from the offical Cisco ARCH manuals that you receive when doing the intructor led course. Any ideas (other than Ebay) of where to get/loan some from?

I'm in the London, UK by the way.



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Wilson Samuel Wed, 05/16/2007 - 03:59
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Hi Doug,

I have recently passed the Arch Exam (642-871) after 2 unsuccessful attempts.

I shall strongly encourage you to read the Cisco Press Self Study Guide over the Cisco Student Guide (official stuff).

Reason is because, there are many scenarios or logical reasons which is quite difficult to grab from the Student Guide.

Infact in the first two attempts I did only use the Student Guide hence I did flunk as many questions came which were beyond my comprehension at that time.

Also, I shall encourage you to go through the TestKing kinda stuff to get familiarized with the pattern of the question.

Key to the exam is scenario based questions which are quite tricky unless you have already prepared for them

All the Best!!


Please rate all the helpful posts.

Kind Regards,

Wilson Samuel

dgoodridge Wed, 05/16/2007 - 04:26
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Many thanks Wilson, I probably will give it a go then without the student guides. I want to get it done ASAP so I'll order the Self Study Guide now.



mauricepiper Wed, 05/16/2007 - 09:34
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IMHO the CCDP Self Study book for ARCH is definitely the worst Cisco book I have ever read/studied. Many mis-statements (how about PoP = Post Office Protocol when talking about Internet access ! - p375) and general design quality is rubbish !

The diagrams illustrating designs are risible, and the whole book is riddled with marketing led design, complete with lists of products that are just dandy for 2004. It is necessary to forget anything you have learnt since 2004 in order to pass this test.

Cisco Press will also not bother to tell you that 'CCDA/CCDP Flash Cards and Exam Practice Pack' is not just on back order but out of print. They let me know one month after order .. as below -

Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 16:55:24 +0000 (GMT)


>Pre-Order POA Cancellation Email


Dear Maurice,


Thank you for placing your order with Cisco Press. We regret to inform you

that the following item(s) from your order #WEB24304397759

placed on 3/20/2007 11:19:16 AM EDT have been cancelled:

CCDA/CCDP Flash Cards and Exam Practice Pack, ISBN 9781587201172

I got a Self Test software quiz from Kaplan IT - after some familiarisation/revision I was getting high 90%. Guess what, I failed the real exam, which featured questions on product features not mentioned in the self study text !!

So my advice is stay away from this exam (and Self Test software) until the material and the exam is somewhere near a Professional standard.

BTW, I was re-certifying for the 2nd time, so I know the ropes pretty well !

cheers, Maurice

srue Wed, 05/16/2007 - 09:42
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the ARCH book isn't the worst book from CP, it's the last BCRAN book they put out for the previous ccnp track.

dgoodridge Wed, 05/16/2007 - 23:29
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Thanks for the input. I'll still give the book a go, as I always use Testkings as well(not for dumping, just as a gauge of my readiness), so hopefully i won't be too far off the mark.

Fingers crossed :P

srue Thu, 05/17/2007 - 04:33
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don't under estimate this test. I was surprised at how much IPTel design stuff was covered. There were also plenty of IP addressing scenarios.


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