Planning to upgrade our 3540 MCU and 3521 BRI GW

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When I run the respective upgrade utilities and click 'customise' I get a list of software that can be upgraded on the units but not all of the available components are ticked. For example the 3521 BRI gateway allows me to upgrade the 'Gateway Application', 'Gateway Wakeup', 'Gateway WEB interface', 'Gateway IVR recordings' and 'ISDN BRI Driver'. All of them are ticked by default except for the last one the ISDN BRI driver. Similar thing applies to the 350 MCU but in that case 3 things are unticked. I cannot find any documentation or help files on what all these components are and which to install and I am wondering whether I should tick everything or go with the defaults only. Does anyone know what is the best course of action or what ones you have chosen? I'm going to go with the default settings if no-one knows.



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smahbub Tue, 05/22/2007 - 13:12
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Try top reset the router and reconfigure . If not try to upgrade the IOS of the router and see if that helps.Normally this should be the case.

georgebohdan Wed, 05/23/2007 - 06:35
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Matt, Here at the University of Wyoming we have had problems upgrading the 3540 series.

First, we just used the default settings. But most times the unit would lose its config and you would have to reload by unchecking everything except the mcuconfig box. But someone would have to be at the unit to setup the basic network settings again on the serial port.

The other problem was you cannot skip revisions. If you are on older code you have to upgrade in sequence. We could never get much help from TAC/Radvision except for blade replacements.

We finally upgraded to the 3545 series and it has been rock solid.

Never had any problems with the gateway upgrades.


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