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May 18th, 2007

I need to be able to block the number that is dialed by the forwarding extension. So if a user is dialing forward extension 1000 it doesnt show forward to 9xxxxxxx

I have this problem too.
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trevis.brian Sat, 05/19/2007 - 09:51

It depends on the version of CCM that you are using. The later version have settings at the bottom of the Directory Number page - such as Forwarded Call Information Display on Device ............

jkennelly Sat, 05/19/2007 - 10:05

Version 4.2(3)sr1

I see the area you are refering to. I have removed all the checks except for Caller Name and tested it. But, it still shows the forwarding number.

rob.huffman Sun, 05/20/2007 - 04:52

Hi James/Brian,

I think the references to Display/Forward info only apply to what is shown on the "far end" display :( (Brian 5 points for your good thought on this).

The only way that I can think of to get rid of this info being shown would be to create an Idle url graphic that will overlay the display and basically cover up the Call Forward number after x number of seconds.

Creating Idle URL Using Graphics on Cisco IP Phone

From this good doc;

And just in case :)

Idle URL Logo Does Not Display on the Cisco 7960/7940 IP Phone LCD

Hope this helps!


jkennelly Sun, 05/20/2007 - 05:06


Would the idle display cover the softbuttons on the phone?

Would it have any negitive affect to any other portion of the phone screen?

I wouldnt mind putting the company logo up once a call was in progress but I dont want it to affect any other portion of the phone.

rob.huffman Sun, 05/20/2007 - 05:33

Hi James,

Yes,there are some drawbacks to this method :( The Softkeys are covered up until you press Exit.

Is this request for all of your users or perhaps just a few "power" user "Exec" types? If this is just for a few users maybe you could create dummy phones with Call Forward on Unregistered to the pre-defined number or a number that can be changed via ccmuser.

So the Exec call fowards to a 4 digit number xxxx (which shows on the phone display. The actual forwarding is done via xxxx which of coarse can't be seen. You might be able to a CTI number instead of the dummy phone in this manner as well.

If all of your users need this funtionality then this will be too much work (probably)

Hope this helps!


jkennelly Sun, 05/20/2007 - 05:51

I willl try the dummy extensions. But, of course if someone see's the forwarding extension. Then calls it directly they have the number. I think Cisco might want to look as adding it as a feature. Call it Forward Privacy.


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