mohammedmahmoud Sun, 05/20/2007 - 22:46
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Bridge-group is used to bridge interfaces rather than routing between them on a Cisco router, for example to bridge 2 Ethernet interfaces:

Router#configure terminal

Router(config)#bridge 1 protocol ieee

Router(config)#interface ethernet 0

Router(config-if)#bridge group 1

Router(config-if)#no shut

Router(config)#interface ethernet 1

Router(config-if)#bridge group 1

Router(config-if)#no shut


1.You can configure up to eight bridge groups of two interfaces each.

2.You can only assign two interfaces to a bridge group.

3.You cannot assign the same interface to more than one bridge group. Each bridge group connects to a separate network.

4.Bridge group traffic is isolated from other bridge groups; traffic is not routed to another bridge group unless using BVI (Bridge Virtual Interface) interfaces and IRB (Integrated Routing and Bridging).

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pavansuraj Sun, 05/20/2007 - 22:49
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A bridge group is configured on a router in order to bridge between interfaces rather than to route. The interfaces of this group bridge between themselves.

Bridging between the interfaces of a router is required when a vlan has to span accross a router.

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