neesharm Tue, 05/22/2007 - 20:04
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Please follow this steps to run a query to check who called 911

start > programs > Microsoft SQL server > Query Analyzer > select "Windows

authentication" and click on OK > on the new displayed window, at the top

of the page, select the CDR database from the drop-down list > then paste

the following query:

select callingPartyNumber,dateTimeOrigination from CallDetailRecord where


Then just click on the green arrow icon (it is located at the top of the

page) to execute it.

The displayed columns will provide the following information:

-callingPartyNumber (dialing extension)

-dateTimeOrigination (time of call)

To find out the time of the call, obtain the information from the

"dateTimeOrigination" column. The value is a coordinated universal

time (UTC) value, and represents the number of seconds since Midnight

(000000) January 1, 1970.


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