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May 23rd, 2007

I am using PIX firewall.and I am using command.

static (intf5,intf3) netmask But I have to replace router with cisco 1841 router. Now what is the equivalent command in the router for Maping IP address?Please help me.

I have this problem too.
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Jon Marshall Wed, 05/23/2007 - 02:18


ip nat inside source static

Note that they are the other way round on router statements.

Under the intf5 equivalent on your router enter

router(config-if)# ip nat inside

and under your intf3 equivalent

router(config-if)# ip nat outside



ishwar Sat, 05/26/2007 - 23:51

Thanks Jon,

I think this will solve my problem. But I am confusion that I have just add command.

ip nat inside source static in router and did not apply anything in Interfaces.But ping(icmp) is working fine but other(pop,smtp,hhtp..etc) is not working.Is there any reason?Please reply me.

Jon Marshall Sun, 05/27/2007 - 02:52


It shouldn't really NAT anything until you tell it which interfaces to use so i'm not sure how icmp is working - is it definitley getting Natted.


ishwar Mon, 05/28/2007 - 04:15


Thanks a lot!It has solved my problem and it is working fine.(But I am still in confusion that without applying NAT command in interface -ICMP packet is working ( Get NATted).



ishwar Tue, 05/29/2007 - 03:51

Hi John,

Actually I need to shift my email server ( to another network ( what I want is client should able to pop/smtp from the both IP.what I found is applying command as you say IP) is working fine but IP) is not working.But using PIX firewall with static command both IPs works fine.what may the actual reason?Please help me


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