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May 23rd, 2007

I have router that I need to disable control-plane. I am unable to disable it.

Router(config)#no control-plane

% Removal of control-plane is not permitted

Is there a way that I can remove control-plane.

Thank you.

I have this problem too.
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Richard Burts Wed, 05/23/2007 - 08:02


I do not believe that there is any way to remove the control-plane. The control plane is what allows the router to understand routing logic. What are you trying to accomplish that leads you to try to do this? If we knew more about your situation and what you are trying to accomplish perhaps we could find ways to help you do it that could work.



eppiet Wed, 05/23/2007 - 08:25

This router is a very basic soho 91. I am only using it to route Internet traffic into a one person branch office. I do not have this command on the config according to my tftp record when I used it last time at another branch office.

Richard Burts Wed, 05/23/2007 - 11:38


I am not sure why it was not in your tftp record. Is it possible that there was a code upgrade or a code difference in the other office? Older versions of code tend to not show the distinction of control plane.

But whether it showed up before or not, you do not want (and can not do) to remove control-plane from the config.




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