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We have a mixture of C2950 and C3500XL switches. Using Campus Manager 4.0.7 User Tracking the reports show inconsistent results for the C3500XL switches while the C2950 switches seem to be reporting correctly from what I can tell.

The C3500XL switches seem to inconsistently pick up IP and MAC addresses as indicated by the Last Seen attribute. Also, the user names are not being picked up consistently on the C3500XL switches. The C2950 switches appear to be reporting the user names correctly.

Also of interest, in Device Center the SNMP Walk tool always reports an error for any C3500XL switch I have tried while the C2950 switches work with the tool consistently.

I have also used RME to verify the credentials, inventory works correctly with the C3500XL switches and I have successfully used the Config Editor with the C3500XL switches.

Any suggestions appreciated.



I have this problem too.
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Joe Clarke Wed, 05/23/2007 - 11:19

What version of code are the failing 3500XLs running? What version of code is running on the 2950s? What error does the SNMP Walk tool report? For what OID? What version of SNMP are you using with these switches?

Joe Clarke Thu, 05/24/2007 - 07:45

Try specifying "system" as your starting OID, and just confirm that you do get something back. This code, 12.0(5)WC9, is fairly old, and there are some bugs which may be affecting you. Once you verify that SNMP connectivity is working, enable vmpsadmin debugging under Campus Manager > Admin > Campus Data Collection > Debugging Options, then run a new User Tracking major acquisition, and look at the ut.log. Search for one of the 3500XL IPs, and see if there are any errors that jump out when trying to get its BRIDGE-MIB entries.

SNMP Walk works on the 3500XL if "system" is specified as the starting OID. I can't see any errors at all in the UT.LOG.

I've included some of the debug lines related to my workstation. For some reason it does not pickup my username and the last seen date is May 9th. Also, the last debug line has a different MAC. My workstation MAC is 00-0d-60-60-e9-f9. I also attached a PDF of the User Tracking report.

2007/05/30 14:25:12 main ani VmpsAdminSMFGenerateTable: check arp: 00-0d-60-60-e9-f9 HSC14062

2007/05/30 14:25:12 main ani VmpsAdminSMFGenerateTable: check cam: 00-0d-60-60-e9-f9 device Fa0/13 HSC14062

2007/05/30 14:25:12 main ani VmpsAdminSMFGenerateTable: matched vtp and vlan

2007/05/30 14:25:12 main ani VmpsAdminSMFGenerateTable: matched: 00-0d-60-60-e9-f9 Fa0/13 HSC14062

2007/05/30 14:25:24 main ani VmpsAdminSMFGenerateTable: Entry is from URT or URTLite

2007/05/30 14:25:24 main ani VmpsAdminSMFGenerateTable: Validating Entry: 00-0d-60-60-e9-f9 Fa0/13 HSC14062

2007/05/30 14:29:39 main ani VmpsAdminSMFGenerateTable: User = , MAC = 00-0d-60-39-e8-82, IP =, Subnet =, Device =, Port = Fa0/13, Domain = , VLAN = HSC14062,SubnetMask=, LastSeen = 2007/05/09 13:06:33, Ipv6Address = , PrefixLength = 0




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