kluu_ironport Wed, 10/10/2007 - 00:01
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Here is the current available options for deleterecipients. The reason some of the commands aren't complete regular unix/linux machine is due to performance reasons. If the regular expression grabs too much information, it may be too pretty intensive.

You may still want to mention the feature request to your Sales engineer or representative.

example.com> help deleterecipients

deleterecipients "host" hostname
deleterecipients [options] "sender" email
deleterecipients "all"

Delete messages from the queue.

Cause matching of the username portion of the email address to match in
a case-sensitive fashion. By default, it is case-insensitive.

example.com> deleterecipients

Please select how you would like to delete messages:
1. By recipient host.
2. By Envelope From address.
3. All.

Forum article on "findevent"


Does anyone else think that the ability to use regular expressions with this command would be really helpful?

I sure do :)

Oh and to be able to pipe commands....
grep sort awk... etc :)


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