Unity - What have I got!?

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Rob Huffman Thu, 05/24/2007 - 08:38

Hi Steve,

Here is one possible way to determine this;

Verifying the Enabled Features

You can verify the features that are enabled on Cisco Unity 4.0(x) installed license files.

To Verify the Enabled Features on Cisco Unity 4.0(x) License Files


Step 1 On the Cisco Unity desktop, double-click the Cisco Unity Tools Depot icon.

Step 2 In the left pane of the Tools Depot window, expand Administration Tools.

Step 3 Double-click License Info Viewer.

Step 4 Under Cisco Unity Licensing, click Effective Licenses.

Step 5 In the right pane, confirm that the features you want are listed.

VM Only

INCREMENT LicVMISubscribersMax cisco 4.0 permanent 300 \

UM Sub Licenses

INCREMENT LicUMSubscribersMax cisco 4.0 permanent 7500 \

From this good doc;


Hope this helps!


Hi Rob,

Thanks for the quick reply!

That is helpful, but now I'm confused as we don't seem to have any licenses against either of those options!

We have 'subscriber mailboxes', 'voice ports', 'languanges', and 'message recording full length' licensed. Any idea which we might have? Basically we just have voicemail, where the messages appear both on the phones and also as an email attachment in the user's inbox.

Thanks again,


Rob Huffman Fri, 05/25/2007 - 04:54

Hi Steve,

Sorry about that explanation, those were older License examples (a tad misleading :(

Here is a clip to set things straight (VM Only);

"The Subscriber Mailboxes count is how many subscribers (UM or VM) that can be on the box. Unified Messaging Subscribers is how many of those can be UM. Typically the number is either 0 or matches the subscriber mailboxes count. It's done this way to accomodate mixing VM and UM licenses on the same server."

From Unity Guru Jeff Lindborg in this recent thread;


Hope this helps!



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