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May 25th, 2007
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Hello everyone,

I am changing my router from a 2851 to a 2801. All my configuration is working fine with the existing router. To give the new router the good configuration, I have copied my config files (from my old router, running-config from the router and running-config-CUE from CUE), to a tftp server. After that I arrange my config files to adjust the interfaces names (Gig 0/0 to Fa0/0, etc...). Up to this point it was going fine. After I copyed the files to the new router, it worked moslty well. After that I made a Backup from my old router using Unity Express Option in the GUI interface, to a ftp server. Again, no problemo there. But now, I try to login to the new Unity Express GUI interface to restore my backup, but it says that he lost contact with the host Router and gives me the window where I can give him the address of the CME, the username and password. So I give him the username and password that I am pretty shure are the right one, but he gives me that message every time "Login to Cisco CallManager Express as Administrator failed. Check your CallManager Express configuration.".

I use the same username to login to my router on console port 0, and that password does not work. I try to use the usernname and password that I use to login to UnityExpress GUI and it does the same. I have even created a new administrator user in CUE (command-line), cause I am able to login using the command line (service-module service-Engine 0/0 session) and even with the new user its not working

So, I don't know anymore where to look and what to look for??

Thank you for any help and hints given.

I don't want to reinstall almost everything!!!


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g.lacoursiere Sat, 05/26/2007 - 18:40
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I was missing html files in Flash:. The message was not clear. After adding the files, it was working fine.

laithhattab Tue, 09/25/2007 - 02:57
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I am having the same problem can you please tell me what are the html files you are refering to, because i checked my flash and i cannot find anything like this, here is the content of my flash

1 35297332 Sep 20 2007 14:45:00 +03:00 c2800nm-spservicesk9-mz.124-4.XC7.bin

2 1826 Aug 3 2007 05:48:10 +03:00 sdmconfig-28xx.cfg

3 6036480 Aug 3 2007 05:48:40 +03:00 sdm.tar

4 861696 Aug 3 2007 05:48:56 +03:00 es.tar

5 1164288 Aug 3 2007 05:49:16 +03:00 common.tar

6 1038 Aug 3 2007 05:49:32 +03:00 home.shtml

7 113152 Aug 3 2007 05:49:48 +03:00 home.tar

8 1697952 Aug 3 2007 05:50:10 +03:00 securedesktop-ios-

9 416354 Aug 3 2007 05:50:32 +03:00 sslclient-win-

10 2489775 Sep 11 2007 15:34:06 +03:00 apps31.8-3-2SR1.sbn

11 522453 Sep 11 2007 15:34:38 +03:00 cnu31.8-3-2SR1.sbn

12 2378027 Sep 11 2007 15:34:58 +03:00 cvm31sccp.8-3-2SR1.sbn

13 326254 Sep 11 2007 15:35:10 +03:00 dsp31.8-3-2SR1.sbn

14 308397 Sep 11 2007 15:35:24 +03:00 jar31sccp.8-3-2SR1.sbn

15 643 Sep 11 2007 15:35:42 +03:00 SCCP31.8-3-2SR1S.loads

16 643 Sep 11 2007 15:35:52 +03:00 term31.default.loads

Thanks a lot for your help

g.lacoursiere Tue, 09/25/2007 - 03:25
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Hi, there should be a folder name "html" in your flash. It is created when you untar a new IOS in your router.

laithhattab Wed, 09/26/2007 - 00:23
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Thanks a lot for your reply, i dont have the html folder as i loaded the .bin IOS image to the router using TFTP, i would really appreciate it if you can direct me to the IOS you used so i can download it and untar it to take the required html folder

Thanks a lot


g.lacoursiere Wed, 09/26/2007 - 07:12
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to untar an IOS image in your router, and to use the approriate one, you need to know the router model and characteritstics. So I will not be able to give the right IOS name tar file I used. But you could use the software advisor on the cisco download page ( and find the right tar file to use.

I hope this helps.


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