Is Near to Retired Exam or New replaced exam is better

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May 26th, 2007


I want to know the effects of doing the exam that is going to be retired in few days in respect to the exam that is newly launched.

e.f If i do 642-502 instead of 642-502, what is the effect.

I am thinking in terms of easieness. I fi do the near to retired exam all the material is available and easy to success on the other hand if i do the new replaced exam, it is hard to success and difficult to get the associated material.



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ankbhasi Sat, 05/26/2007 - 06:22

Hi Tauseef,

Trust me you will enjoy doing something which is tough and hard to get. Something which is easy and can get you will not carry that excitment.

I do agree new certification will be bit more challenging but I will recommend you go for it as it will definetely covery some more aspects and is the reason it is changed. As you know technology is something which is never constant so always go with the latest certifications which has some more advance coverage.



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scottmac Sun, 05/27/2007 - 15:24

Check out the "Certification Tracking System tool ... the link is to the right on this page.

What you may notice (I haven't looked lately), is that many of the exams are acceptable / required for certifications other then the one of current interest.

SO, if you take the retiring exam, and you move on to another cert, you end up taking the new exam as well for the tother cert.

If you take the incoming *new* exam, there's a pretty good chance it'll still be a valid requirement, and you can move on to other exams needed for that cert... Saves time, money, and ultimately study effort (though it is always a good idea to refresh).

Good Luck


jrensink78 Thu, 05/31/2007 - 11:51

I wouldn't worry so much about the older version of the test not being valid for other certifications. Double-check the tracker to be sure. But an example would be that the CCNP requires that you have the CCNA certification. It doesn't specify which version of the tests that you had to have passed.

Just because a test is newer doesn't necessarily mean that it will be harder. It mainly means that it is covering newer technologies. Either way you go, you still have to learn what is on the test and put the effort in to pass it.

For myself, I have already invested in study materials and time for preparing for the CCDA test that is being phased out. So I am going to stay on that path. Had I not already started preparing for the test, I would wait. Mainly so I could build a more relevant skill set as I pursued the certification.

Here is my advice...

*If you are just trying to pass the test to get the certification and have no desire to continue past that, do what is easiest.

*If this is the highest certification that you plan on getting in this area, but you want your study efforts to give you the best return, wait to take the newer one.

*If you plan on continuing on to higher certifications in this area and don't want to waste time waiting for newer study materials, take the older test now. You'll learn the newer stuff as you continue your studies.


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