prefix list not filtering type 3 lsa on ASA

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May 26th, 2007
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Hi all

i am unable to filter type 3 lsa using the prefix list. scenario is as shown below :

r1 >> in - asa - out >> r2

r1 is configured with two loopbacks and it is connecing to asa on the inside with ip of

r2 is on the outside.

i am running ospf process 10 on the loopback interfaces of r1 and on the inside of asa.

the loopbacks are in area1 and the f0/0 of r1 and e0/0 of asa are in area 0.

ospf process 20 is running on the ouside of asa and r2.

since r1 is an ABR, i am summarizing the and routes o asa learns abou this summarized route.

now when i try to filter this type 3 lsa on the asa it does not wrk.

the config on r1 is :

router ospf 10

net a 1

net a 1

net a 0

area 1 range

the config on the asa is as follows:

int e0/0

nameif inside

ip add

int e0/1

nameif outside

ip add

prefix-list 10 deny

rouer ospf 10

net a 0

area 0 filer-list prefix 10 in ---- (i believe this shud filter out the network- but i still see the route for in the routing able of asa)

router ospf 20

net a 0

can somebody please explain me where i am going wrong with this scenario.

waiting for reply.



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