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lfulgenzi Sat, 05/26/2007 - 19:26

I just got a new 3845 and configured it with 4.1(3). Here are some of the things I had to watch out for:

- I had to change the card type to T1. This may not apply, but if you have a T1/E1 multiflex card you have to select the card type.

- The gateway name in CallManager has to match the gateway hostname exactly. If you have a domain set up then that has to be included in the gateway config. For example, if your hostname is vgw and the domain is set to, the config page has to be

- I had to enable 'ip routing' on the gateway. Can't remember if I did that before or after registration, but you need it either way.

- Finally, to make things simple for me, I enabled the config download so it configured the router and interfaces for me. You can always remove the config line if you want later, but you need it to be able to reset the gateway from CCM.

ccm-manager fallback-mgcp

ccm-manager redundant-host

ccm-manager mgcp

ccm-manager config server

ccm-manager config

Try these out and let us know how it goes.


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