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Hi all,

I've configured MGCP on a 2801 with a VIC2-2FXO card and configured the gateway on CCM. It registers and all looks good. I can call fine between my IP phones but when I try to call out to the PSTN through the FXO port I end up with one way audio.

Specifically I can hear the audio from the PSTN phone but they can not hear me.

I tried running "debug mgcp packets" and noticed that during call setup I see the following...

000203: May 28 12:11:33.703: MGCP Packet received from>

CRCX 18 AALN/S0/SU2/[email protected] MGCP 0.1

C: A000000001000007000000F5

X: 0

L: p:20, a:PCMU, s:off, t:b8

M: recvonly

R: H/oc, H/of, L/hd

S: H/sup(addr(4,1,6,8,4,7,8,5,6,9))

Q: process,loop


The item which concerns me is the "Connection Mode" paramater ser to "Read Only" which apparently means the the connection is being put in a one-way audio state of recieve only. Can anyone tell me why this might be and what I need to do to get normal two way audio?

Thanks for any assistance.

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