Setting up PIMG befor connecting to Avaya G3

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Tommer Catlin Tue, 05/29/2007 - 09:14
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You can setup the PIMG anytime you want. Put it on the network, assign it an IP, etc.

- Configure 8 digital lines off the G3 into a hunt group with a pilot number.

- plug those 8 into the G3.

- test Unity by calling into the Pilot number. If Unity is answer, then you are set to keep testing

- setup a phone to ring 4 times, then roll into the new pilot number on Unity. Setup a test subscriber, check MWI, outside, inside calls, etc.

- the rest of the users on Avaya will not be affected because you have not changed anything on that side of the system.

Tommer Catlin Tue, 05/29/2007 - 09:29
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oh yeah, just zap the PIMG with the firmware. It's really easy. Just download the firmware from cisco, log into the PIMG when it's on the network,

un: admin

pw: IpodAdmin

( I think it is)

Should be a fireware tab and just load it up.

Hi there...I am playing with the PIMG and zapped it to the new hardware. I am now configuring it..Im looking at the document

Avaya Definity G# PIMG Integration guide for cisco unity 4....there are many differences s i go through the tabs for instance the Gateway..there is alot more that I can configure than what this document says to touch have you experinced this?

Question: I have 16 ports in unity and I ave the firs 13 answer calls and the last 3 to do mwi only...then, I have 2 PIMG's and I enable load balancing they have 8 ports each how do I choose which ports dont answer calls...because in unity there is 16 not 8 and 8...

Tommer Catlin Sun, 07/15/2007 - 17:24
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In the Unity Telephony Intigration Manager (UTIM) you can edit which ports do MWI, answer, make calls, etc. Unity is not really going to load balance between the PIMGs. It is going to grab the first available port and make an outbound call. Your Avaya Switch should be setup for round robin hunt group on the 13 digital ports coming into the PIMGs. The Avaya switch will know which ports are in use or and which are idled and hunt accordingly.

In the UTIM though, you can check, uncheck which ports can answer in Unity, etc. But just make sure to change it on the avaya side.



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