JTAPI hang up call

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stephan.steiner Tue, 05/29/2007 - 23:38
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Isn't that how things work on a CCM? The continuing to beep (I'm not a 100% sure you can reconfigure that) seems to be a standard for Cisco (and various SIP phones for that matter), whereas other PBXes take the device on hook after a few beeps.

There's also Call.drop() though I've never used it.

Even on the Alcatel systems I work with.. when I drop a call via CTI, the device plays the busy/reorder tone (as you know in Switzerland they're both the same ;) for a few seconds, and then goes on hook (and that behavior is a standard feature for this PBX).

stephan.steiner Thu, 05/31/2007 - 00:01
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Since it is running directly on the CCM I doubt the webdialer is using JTAPI. A while before Cisco started with their Mobility solution, I wrote my own demo app for a project we eventually lost.. it used JTAPI and made simultaneous outgoing calls to your cellphone and office phone and I terminated the superfluous call via the same mechanism you use and I don't recall anything untoward happening.


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