Pause at Speed-dial CCM4.13???

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I have CCM 4.13sr4c.

I have VIC2-2FXS (extension 5999) plug in to 2821 (MGCP) and intergrate with Bogen. And it works. However, the user want some special config.

Here is how the bogen work, when user dial 5999, it will give the user one-ring and bogen pick up. The user dial 2 digit location ID, for instance 11 is office, 12 is warehouse, 13 is cafe'.

I want to configure a few speed dial at IP PHONE 7960.

For example:

line 2 speed-dial 5999,,,11 <--I want to give a few second, then dial 11

line 3 speed-dial 5999,,,12

line 4 speed-dial 5999,,,13

Callmanager wont allow me to do that?? Is there anyway to work around??



I have this problem too.
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rob.huffman Tue, 05/29/2007 - 16:43

Hi Ken,

The "," (to add a 1 second pause)still only works on CME (UGHHHH!)

Telephone number to dialed. Represents a fully qualified E.164 number. Use a comma (,) to represent a one-second pause.

From this CME doc;

**For CCM it looks like Feature request/Bug CSCec41905 (ability to add pause in Speed dials) is still open :(

It looks like the users may have to dial the 11,12 or 13 portion manually.

Sorry about that,


rchilcote Wed, 05/30/2007 - 09:40

If you were willing to make that VIC controlled by H323 there's a way to do this. Just create a route patterns in CCM pointing to a new RL/RG/H323GW after removing the VIC from MGCP control. CCM route pattern = 59991[1-3]

Then create an H323 dial-peer in the GW pointing to the paging FXS port with the dest pattern of 59991[1-3] and use the forward-digits 2 command. For example, a call to 599911 will match this dial-peer and once the paging system answers, the gateway will send 11 for the correct paging group.

Then for your speed dials, just enter the full paging group number without the ,,,


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