EIGRP return traffic issue

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May 29th, 2007

we have two remote offices and both are interconnected via metroethernet and in turn both the offices has WAN link (2 mbps ) towards the two different corporate office. and Corporate office is also connected via DS3. you can imagine this topolgy as a rectangle,

we are using Eigrp as a routing protcol.

The issue that i am facing is with the return traffic from the corporate Roffice..all the users return traffic is coming from only WAN link but there is no Tx load on that wan link.

what i want to achieve that ..

Remote office 1 should use thier WAN link and return traffic should come only from it's WAN link and same case for Remote office 2 and in the case of failure they should act as a back up.

if anybody give me the pointer about how to apprach this issue then i will be very greatful.


I have this problem too.
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First let's check the ip route on both routers so you will see how the subnets are routed. Then let's check the eigrp topology. Eigrp by default using the bandwidth and delay parameters to determine the best path to take. You can influence this by manually change the bandwidth and delay under the interface configuration. Let's try to configure the interfaces connecting to the ME with higher delay and lower bandwith than on serial.

Hope it helps, rate if does


Richard Burts Wed, 05/30/2007 - 03:09


I believe that Krisztian suggests very good first steps in checking the IP routing table and the EIGRP topology table to see what metrics are associated with each subnet. But I would suggest a different solution than he does. His suggestion of changing bandwidth or delay would affect all routes received on an interface (for both offices) and I believe that you want to affect routes only for a particular office. The way to do this is with off set lists. An offset list in EIGRP can be assigned inbound or outbound, uses an access list (standard access list) to identify routes to affect, and can add an arbitrary configured amount to the EIGRP metric. I believe that you would want to start with EIGRP offset lists at both remote offices on the WAN links to make the routes to subnets at the opposite corporate office less attractive. And you would want EIGRP offset lists on the WAN links of the corporate offices to make the subnets from the opposite remote office less attractive.



bvsnarayana03 Fri, 06/01/2007 - 13:19

Hey Rick,

I read offset-lists for RIP, to change the metric of routes recvd or advertised.

Is it valid for EIGRP as well??

Richard Burts Fri, 06/01/2007 - 13:24

Yes offset lists are valid for EIGRP. I sympathesize that reading the documentation it seems very oriented to use with RIP. I have configured offset lists with EIGRP many times and they work very well.



mohammedmahmoud Fri, 06/01/2007 - 13:33


The offset-list command can be used for distance vector protocols such as EIGRP and RIP, but it does not work for OSPF for an example.

P.S: Rick i am not intentionally trying to reply on all your replies today :), but it happens that all the subjects that you are replying on today are interesting me.


Mohammed Mahmoud.

Richard Burts Fri, 06/01/2007 - 13:53


I believe that we have many interests in common and it is logical that we would find many of the same questions to be something that we want to answer.

I see instances where someone answers a question and then someone else answers the question again with essentially the same answer. I find that odd and somewhat pointless (and frequently a waste of time). But each of your answers have presented a different perspective or have added some interesting aspect of the point being discussed - like that offset list does not work for OSPF. I have found your responses to be a positive contribution to making the forum a better place.



mohammedmahmoud Fri, 06/01/2007 - 14:05


Thank you for the perfect attitude and spirit, i am really glade by being a part of this forum beside amazing people like your self, and i am truly trying to make it a better place.


Mohammed Mahmoud.


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