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May 30th, 2007

Hi guys!

Im after a reality check really, im currently working in customer services for a company and they have got some openings in the infrastructure department and im going to apply.

I have no previous experience of networking except setting up a home network and being involved in a couple of small projects with this team and to be honest no real IT qualifications to speak of, although they will provide support for these. The problem is mainly my lack of experience and knowledge, is there anyone else out there who has made this jump and if so how'd it go? im looking to get CCNA as soon as possible but have a feeling its best to go for something else first...i know its a big ask but i have lots of support and providing i get the job, the hands on too!

any thoughts, experiences or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks


I have this problem too.
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suelange Wed, 05/30/2007 - 15:21

Well, Sharpy, Good luck to you first off. I admire your courage. Nothing like jumping in with both feet.

Not knowing your company or the job description I can't say if you would be able to overcome the learning curve or not. But as to "should you apply?" Of course.

Presumably they already know what you are capable of. If they look at your resume, which will reflect a lack of experience, but they hire you anyway, then you should feel pretty comfortable that THEY see a lot of potential in you.

But if they don't hire you, then it doesn't mean you don't have potential, it only means they need someone who can 'hit the ground running'.

Either way, if you want to be a network infrastructure person, the way to get into it is to get that certification. I recommend, as you have not much other background, that you take a few networking courses at a local metro college. I say that because this is a way for you to gauge for sure if you have the ability to learn and apply that knowledge, and honestly to see if you really like it. Some folks find "infrastructure" only is too boring. Consider too some volunteer work so you can get practical hands-on experience.

I did not always aspire to be a "lan guy". I started as a programmer with a 4 year CS degree back in 1982. But I was one programmer who wasn't afraid to touch the hardware and soon, I was "the default networking expert". I've never looked back and my career has soared. I'm on the down hill slide now and, I'm pretty pleased with what I've accomplished.

So what if you don't know everything? Did you always know how to walk? talk? ride a bike? cook? No...these are all learned skills. You can learn networking too, if you try hard.

At least apply for the job, what have you got to lose?

k9elfok9elfo Wed, 05/30/2007 - 17:18

you can just do the ccna, but if you really feel you need something smaller to start with go for network+


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