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May 31st, 2007
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I have the following scenario...

Having my CAT 4500 series CORE switch at one building and have the follwing switches at the other building

CAT 2960-1

CAT 2960-2

CAT 2960-3

CAT 2960-4

CAT 2960-5




From the CORE switch the uplink comes to the CE500-Distribution, and all the uplinks of other switches in this building connect to the CE500-Distribution.

I have VTP configured on my CORE switch and on all the CAT 2960's, but not on CE500's as I belive they do not support VTP mode other than transparent mode.

I have the following Vlans on my CORE switch

Vlan 23,24,25,26 and 27.

I have created all these vlans on my CE500 switches too as they are VTP transparent.

Now coming to my problem, on my CE500 switches I assigned any of these vlans for the access ports I'm unable to get connected to my network, however on the CAT 2960's its working perfectly fine with all the Vlans

I have tried all type of port roles (I mean the smartport roles on the CE500), but nothing is working.... also this behaviour is the same for all the 3 CE500's...

(Note:- But when I disconnected all the uplinks of CAT 2960's from the CE500-Distribution, all the 3 CE500's works perfectly normal. I can get any of the vlans to my access port and get connected to my network.)

So what could be the problem? anyone can give me your inputs...


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wmelickbts Thu, 05/31/2007 - 07:13
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Yes, you are right about the CE500's not supporting vtp client mode and being vtp transparent.

A few things to check:

1) Make sure your inter-switch links on the CE500's are set to a port role of "switch" (this turns them into 802.1q trunks)

2) Make sure you have manually defined all your vlans (23-27) on *all* CE500's including the distribution one in the middle. This must be in place if you want those vlans to propagate over the uplinks --- even if no ports are assigned to those vlans on a particular switch.

3) Make sure the uplink to the CE500 on your core switch is a dot1q trunk (of course).

4) STP will be active by default for the CE500's (can be turned off in advanced vlan config) and it may take 30 seconds or so before a port will forward traffic normally.


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