6500 Modular IOS Upgrade procedure

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Hi All,

(Tried posting this to c-nsp without much luck)

I am running SXF8 on some switches in the lab, and I now see that SXF9 is out.

I am running the modular versions of IOS.

The documentation is not very clear on the process for upgrading the image.

I can see that the "install file" command can only install to newsys, sys, or oldsys

So I have run install file disk0:s3223-ipservicesk9_wan-vz.122-18.SXF9.bin disk0:newsys

Is the process then that you activate that image, then reboot, then remove sys, then move newsys to sys then reboot again ?

Or what?

Anybody actually done this?



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Sorry I don't understand that.

If you want to run the moudular IOS you MUST use the install command.

If you just use the conf t boot commands you are not modular.

How you copy the image onto the SD card is not the issue.

I understand about installing patches, but how you upgrade thew whole IOS is not clear.

If you install to newsys as opposed to sys do you need to then move sys to oldsys and then reboot and then move newsys to sys and then reboot?

If the install directory does not matter, why are you only allowed to use sys, newsys and oldsys?

rsekharreddy Fri, 06/01/2007 - 20:30
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that sxf9 file size is 95MZB, if u have enough space u upload ios normally and u configure boot sequence boot system flash sup-bootdisk:s72033-ipservices_wan-vz.122-18.SXF9.bin try this it will work and here i will do the same in my 6509 recently


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