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Jun 1st, 2007

In CCNA simulation when the "Task" specifically stated use ACL on a LAN host but unrestrict member-host A's traffics. IP address supplied for the port 80 server is on the neighbor DTE, whereas a LAN-switch connected to the 4-hosts LAN has a CORE router with the dotted-line-console. Though all hosts IP addresses were given, where about 4 in the same subnet, while 2 others in another.

The question was asking that, to the FINANCE / ACCOUNTING/ SALES server, access may be allowed to host A's traffics to internet but, RESTRICT other LAN host members. Question asked to use only maximum of 3 ACL statements

My question: must I first enable a routing protocol for communication btw the WAN, having had all 6 or 7 IPs. Webserver is on a WAN and, access is allowed to 1 out of 4 hosts on the LAN with CORE DTE.

Though, I've always loaded the ex-ACL CLI syntax and applied to a source IF. Presuming that implicitly deny all takes care of rest 3 member-host traffics. But, I have my doubtd if that is correct answer. Please reply with exactitude

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k9elfok9elfo Thu, 06/07/2007 - 06:10

Are you talking about a real test question?

you are not allowed to do that, its cheating.

ps. i remember the Q and it was clear and simple.

Sundayfat Fri, 06/22/2007 - 00:56

Hi there,

My many thanks 4 having some reply to this question of mine, at long last, anyway. Really, it may look like real question on the CCNA exam but, I have synthetised it though. I seem to want to believe that your answer implied that what I have been doing is correct. There no need to enable any routing protocol. It's simple as just create the ex-ACL syntax and load it and apply it to the IF on the DTE. Is that right?


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