SB 101 burned wrong and can't get back in to fix it.

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Jun 2nd, 2007

Hi :

I bought a Cisco SB 101 as a small business/home router and promptly burned the wrong settings into it. The documentation instructs you how to burn in an IP address, so I did, but my broadband provider (Mediacom) said that won't work. That it must be set to dynamically set it's own IP.

The router asked for a new IP address to replace the that it ships with. I entered the IP address I found associated with my local network settings. They were something like this (without the X's)

169.XXX.XXX.245 When it wouldn't let me log back in with the ip address, I looked around and learned that it probably won't be able to use an IP address that ends in 245.

Anyway, the SDM utility won't let me log back into the router using that IP address. It also wants a host name. Not knowing I'd need one, I left this at the default which is "yourhostname" or something like that. The 11-page doc didn't say to write it down so I only wrote down the user ID, password as the directions instructed. I have four questions:

1)Is there any way to re-enter or reburn the router settings if all you know is your user id and password?

2)Should I have tried to install this as a dynamic router? Is there a way?

3)If I can't set it dynamically and need to try and make it work with a static IP address, how do I learn to configure a workable IP address.

4)If I'm using the same IP address as someone else, does that diminish my security?

Thanks. I sure hope someone can help. I've built computers before and gotten great help from online forums, but I don't know if I can get the same kind of help here. I just hope I'm not stuck with a $210, one-shot, plastic brick.

I have this problem too.
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turnerbond Fri, 06/08/2007 - 18:54

Actually, I checked the standard marketing and spec. sheets you linked to, before posting the note. Thanks for your hard work though.

I RMA'd the unit and will start again, but still have concerns. The 12 pages of documentation that come with the unit are incorrect in one key area which causes you to burn it in in a way you can't retrieve. I'll go elsewhere for most of the questions, but perhaps someone else can help with these two:

1) How do I pick an IP address/submask that is compatible with the router, or otherwise select a workable IP address. Are there published standards.

2)If I'm using the same IP address as someone else, does that diminish my security?


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