Bandwidth Limit per VLAN

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Jun 3rd, 2007

Hi Experts,

I have been given the task o designing a network for a managed/serviced office environment. We will have a 5Mb dedicated link or so from our local ISP. IP addresses will not be an issue for me. However, the entire office will service 30 or so clients with about 1 to 5 users per client.

I will be using VLANs to seperate client traffic. I have been asked to provide a solution to manage bandwidth per client.

So, i suppose i would like to be able to allow one client a dedicated 1MB etc... and the rest share bandwidth.

Does anyone have ideas on how i can achieve bandwitdh shaping per vlan?

Thanks and regards


I have this problem too.
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bjornarsb Sun, 06/03/2007 - 13:13


QOS with cos values at layer 2,

and mapping to layer 3 creating a service policy.

If you just want to shape pr vlan it can be done at your layer 3 device.



stephen.stack Sun, 06/03/2007 - 14:11

Hi Bjornarsb,

Thanks for the info. I think i know what you mean, But would you have any specific examples. Any more ideas welcome too :)



bjornarsb Mon, 06/04/2007 - 00:04


OK, here is maybe a start:

Distribution Switch connected to the Access-layer:

class-map videoclass

match cos 7

policy-map videopolicy

class videoclass

set ip dscp 56

police 5000000 2000000 exceed-action drop

interface gigabitethernet0/1

service-policy input videopolicy

Default DSCP-to-CoS map has DSCP values 56 to 63 mapped to CoS value 7,

show class-map videoclass

show policy-map videopolicy

show mls qos maps [cos-dscp | dscp-cos]


Router(config)# class-map match-all gold-data

Router(config-cmap)# match ip dscp 40

Router(config-cmap)# exit

Router(config)# class-map match-all bronze-data

Router(config-cmap)# match ip dscp 8

Router(config-cmap)# exit

Router(config)# policy-map policy1

Router(config-pmap)# class gold-data

Router(config-pmap-c)# shape average 2000000

Router(config-pmap-c)# exit

Router(config-pmap)# class bronze-data

Router(config-pmap-c)# shape average 5000000

Router(config-pmap)# class class-default

Router(config-pmap-c)# shape average 3000000

Router(config-pmap-c)# exit

Router(config-pmap)# exit


Router(config)# interface WAN

Router(config-if)# service-policy output policy1

Router(config-if)# exit

HTH, do not hesitate to ask if you need more help.

For more explenations , please have a look at this example:




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