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Jun 4th, 2007
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Unity 4.0(4)

Call comes in trough a CTI-RP, then go to unity Call handler.

I then do a supervised transfer on the Call handler with name announcement.

The Caller hears "please provide your name" then the called one hear " a call from XY" please enter 1 to accept and 2 so the caller can leave a message.

the problem is that when the Called person press "2" i want the caller to hear a prompt i made which then says "your call has been rejected" and then hang up. im getting a loop message that says "please provide your name".

How do i do this? i tried to setup an alternate greeting, but it comes first when i call in, before getting the "please provide your name..." greeting.

Can someone help?

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neesharm Tue, 06/05/2007 - 09:04
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Go to Cisco Unity Tools ----->switch Integration Tools ---->Port Status Monitor

Can you gather a log file of the call and attch it here ?

Looks a configuration issue .....If you want to save time you can open a tac case and setup a meeting place with tac Engineer

Jayd000007 Wed, 06/06/2007 - 02:35
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Thanks for your reply.

Here is the log.

I should have said this setup is for a MeetMe conference.

The whole setup of what i did is described on the Book (Configuring Callmanager and Unity A step by step Guide). But the author just says:

"The Call handler then asks the callers to record their name. The Call is then forwarded to the Conference and the Callers name is played. Unity then instructs participiant in the conference to press 1 to accept the call or to 2 to send the caller to voicemmail"

and here is the part where i get stuck:

" You may want to set the Greeting for the Call handlers to say something like 'i m sorry but you are not authorized to enter this conference call' and then have the call handler send the caller back to the openin greeting"

so how i do this last thing???

eschulz Wed, 06/06/2007 - 07:06
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How is your call going from the CTI-RP to the Call Handler? i.e. is it coming in as a fowarded call and following the Attept Forward default routing rule? If so, then this may be the problem. Attempt Forward on a forwarded call will send the call to the CH greeting. From there you probably have the After Greeting option set to attept transfer right? But then after the supervised transfer is rejected the call goes back to the CH geeting and you're into a loop.

Instead, I think you need the After Greeting option set to Take Message. With that you'll need to enter this CH by trying the transfer first. That means you'll need one of two things...

1. a Routing Rule that'll take the calls from you CTI-RP and send them to Attempt transfer for your CH, bypassing the greeting.


2. use two CHs for this. "Attempt Forward" from the CTI-RP could take you to the greeting of CH-1 and then the After Greeting setting for CH-1 would send you to Attempt transfer for CH-2. When the transfer is rejected you'll get the greeting for CH-2 which should have After Greeting set to Take message.

Is that clear as mud? Have I totally missed what you're doing? Hopefully there's at least something there to get you in the right direction.



Jayd000007 Wed, 06/06/2007 - 09:46
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Thnaks very much to your Help. Indeed that s exactly what im doing. i created a Call Routing rule, but it didnt resolve the problem. I find out that the extension i entered on the profile page of the CH was the problem, i removed it and all worked just fine. There is also no need to take messages, in the greeting i specified a recorded greeting and made it hang up.

Thanks Eric


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